Deborah Cornell

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Sound by Richard Cornell

Reflecting Place fuses geophysical and cultural mapping, to create a spatial, and cultural history of migration and climate, while articulating transformations within the present location in space and time. It evokes specific traces of place, but expands those boundaries to include a global sense of comparative flows, using layered digital matrices expressed in several media, including printed substrate and video projection. This work is a construction of pigmented paper and light that reflects changing conditions of flow and place worldwide. Its images are based in climatology, oceanography, archeology, scripts, and distilled cartographies of the body.

Projected over the printed mural (11' x 18') is a single channel video (8 minutes, looped) that is based on the structure and imagery of the print mural, with stereo speakers for sound. Presented at 2015 Krakow Print Triennial, where this work was awarded the Grand Prix.