Deborah Cornell

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"Acqua Alta: The Rising Tide" describes the flooding of Venice, when Adriatic storms and tides link with environmental changes from human intervention in the land. Scientists predict similar effects worldwide from global warming, with unknown consequences. This installation reflects on the effects of these consequences for human life. Threats to human life such as political repression and unrest, intellectual conflicts, cultural difference, and unregulated genetic experimentation exist, but the degradation of the environment and global warming may soon cause vast devastation and the loss of the world as we now understand it.

This installation is a reflection on these consequences. The images of water were gathered from my travels world-wide, from the Indian, North Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. The underlying images and texts encompass a broad history of human cultures - an Aboriginal legend, a detail of a Bellini painting, a city of Arizona engulfed by a huge dust storm, poetry of Borges, the masks of Venice, The Tempest of Shakespeare, and contemporary texts from scientists and artists. The sound is an electronic composition by composer
Richard Cornell. Sources include a thunderstorm in a New Mexico canyon, an array of corvids, crickets, the Lutine Bell, a reminiscence of Monteverdi, and the Atlantic Ocean at Nauset Beach.

All images are digitally printed on paper and transparency, 48 x 65".

Acqua Alta
Installed at Sala Polyglota Proyecto ACE
Buenos Aires, Argentina    2006-7
Faces Vanish

Text by William Shakespeare

Text is an Australian Aboriginal Legend, as told by Charles P. Mountford
Wind Map

Satellite image
of northern hemishpere winds, with Northern
Atantic Ocean
City of Dust

Arizona City
with Indian Ocean